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Use stepping motors to move to the next step

The mechanical subsystems of mechatronic products use many stepping motors, which consume excessive current so as not to go out of step and therefore generate much heat.
Active gain control (AGC) uses a simple technique to solve this problem, enhancing the value of products.

Optimizing the amount of current necessary to drive a stepping motor in real time

Simple system that optimizes the drive current in real time

To provide sufficient margin for the motor torque required, motor control drivers (MCDs) generally supply a motor drive current greater than the peak current at the maximum load. This means that extra current continues flowing all the time. In order to minimize unnecessary current consumption, a sensor or a microcontroller is used to monitor the changes in load conditions, thereby adjusting a motor drive current according to the load conditions. This feedback process requires extremely complicated control. Toshiba offers motor driver ICs incorporating AGC technology, which sense a motor's load torque and automatically optimize a motor drive current. This makes it possible to prevent a motor from going out of step while simplifying high-efficiency motor control.

Improving efficiency, saving energy, and significantly reducing heat dissipation in a motor

AGC technology automatically adjusts a motor drive current according to a motor's load conditions in order to reduce extra current, thereby considerably reducing the amount of heat generated by the motor driver IC and the motor. This helps reduce overall heat generation in a system and the resulting degradation.

Improving efficiency, saving energy, and significantly reducing heat dissipation in a motor

Active gain control (AGC) technology



Product Lines: Stepping Motor Drivers

*1 TB67S105和TB67S145不支持微步。

Stepping Motor Drivers

步进电机驱动器 产品阵容



Extensive product lineup


Solutions for customers' needs and issues based on leading-edge technologies


1. 高级动态混合衰减(ADMD)技术


Conventional Mixed Decay:Missed step at high rpm / ADMD Technology:Precise microstep control even at high rpm

TB67S101A TB67S102A TB67S103A TB67S105 TB67S109A TB67S261 TB67S265 TB67S269

2. 高级电流检测系统(ACDS)技术


Conventional Technology:Two resistors with high electrical ratings are necessary. / ACDS Technology:No external resistor is required.

TB67S141 TB67S142 TB67S145 TB67S149 TB67S179

3. 高电压模拟处理技术

东芝的步进电机驱动器采用先进的高电压模拟处理(130nm BiCD工艺)技术制造而成,它在同一整体结构上结合了低电压控制电路和高电压DMOS输出驱动器。所以,额定电压为84V的高电压电机驱动器可以采用小型的WQFN48(7mm×7mm)封装,这有助于缩小方案尺寸。

Active Gain Control (AGC) Technology





5. 微步驱动



Full-step mode


若是四极,即360度/4 = 90度。

假设是一个36极电机,即360度/36 = 10度,全步模式的单步工作角度即为10度。

Half-step mode


Micro-step mode



东芝的步进电机驱动器采用先进的高电压模拟处理(130-nm BiCD工艺)技术制造而成,它在同一整体结构上结合了低电压控制电路和高电压DMOS输出驱动器。所以,额定电压为84V的高电压电机驱动器可以采用小型的WQFN48(7mm × 7mm)封装,这有助于缩小方案尺寸。

High-Voltage Analog Process Technology

Downloading reference designs

Toshiba offers various stepping motor drivers that deliver the substantial benefits of AGC. Stepping motor drivers with a clock input and those with a phase input are both available. If you want to evaluate your product plan or design using a stepping motor incorporating AGC technology, reference designs are available for download.

Downloading reference designs



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·Before creating and producing designs and using, customers must also refer to and comply with the latest versions of all relevant TOSHIBA information and the instructions for the application that Product will be used with or for.