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Smart motors change the way of manufacturing.

Due to the growing needs for energy saving and quiet motor operation, brushless DC (BLDC) motors are widely used for various applications.
To improve the motor drive efficiency, a complicated process is generally required. Toshiba offers motor drive controllers that solve this problem.


Combines improved efficiency and reduced development/maintenance costs

Automatic adjustment of the phase difference between a motor voltage and a motor current

When a BLDC motor is driven with a sine wave, changes in the RPM of a motor due to the effect of its impedance cause a phase difference between its voltage and current, decreasing the drive efficiency. Therefore, phase adjustment is necessary to improve efficiency. Toshiba’s InPAC technology compares the relationship between the current phase (current information) and the voltage phase (Hall-effect signal) and provides feedback to the motor current control signal in order to adjust their phase relationship automatically. As a result, InPAC provides high efficiency.

InPAC optimizes efficiency over the entire RPM range.

In order to achieve the highest efficiency using conventional technology, it is necessary to adjust a phase difference between the voltage and current of a motor at several points in its operating RPM range. In contrast, Toshiba's InPAC technology allows you to automatically adjust the phases of a motor’s voltage and current and thereby achieve the highest efficiency across the entire operating RPM range only through initialization. Therefore, InPAC helps reduce your development workload.

Next-generation lead angle control technology InPAC (Intelligent Phase Control)



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Brushless Motor Drivers

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InPAC reduces supply current compared with the conventional



电机效率 编程难度 支持各种电机类型 部件数 缺陷
固定导程角控制 中等 电机转速的变化使得调整点发生偏移,
中等 中等 中等

Evolving InPAC technology

Evolving InPAC technology

Downloading reference designs

With an eye to emerging needs, Toshiba has developed InPAC in response to accelerating social and technological trends. InPAC can be used without any need for complicated adjustment. Toshiba offers an extensive portfolio of BLDC motor drive controllers with InPAC suitable for various needs. If you want to evaluate your product plan or design using a BLDC motor incorporating InPAC, reference designs are available for download.

Downloading reference designs



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·Before creating and producing designs and using, customers must also refer to and comply with the latest versions of all relevant TOSHIBA information and the instructions for the application that Product will be used with or for.