Information Disclosure Based on the TCFD Recommendations

As a member of the Toshiba Group, which endorses the TCFD, we disclose information in line with the TCFD recommendations. We will continue to actively disclose information as part of our efforts to achieve carbon neutrality.
Please see below for more information on disclosures based on TCFD recommendations.

Toshiba Corporation - Information disclosure based on the TCFD's recommendations

Analysis of "risks and opportunities" in the Group

The following is an analysis of "risks and opportunities" for the Group's major businesses.


  • Increase in costs as a result of installing detoxifying equipment or changing to alternative gases due to tightened regulations on wafer-etching process gas 
  • Increase in amount of capital investment for reducing greenhouse gas emissions 
  • Increase in response costs due to an expanded information disclosure obligation regarding climate change response 
  • Missing out on sales opportunities due to being unable to develop products that contribute to carbon neutrality including power semiconductors at an appropriate time 
  • Increase in raw material costs due to increased demand for products and technologies that contribute to carbon neutrality (electric vehicles, etc.)


  • Increase in demand for energy efficiency products, including power semiconductors and high-efficiency semiconductors
  • Increase in demand for semiconductor products that are adapted to demand for energy saving products.
  • Increase in demand for products related to electric vehicles due to the expansion of their market
  • Increase in demand for low power-consumption helium-filled HDDs