Green Procurement

Our Group has established green procurement guidelines and is developing pro-environmental procurement activities.


In addition to explaining the contents of said guidelines to all business partners, we ask suppliers to submit “Questionnaires on the establishment of the Environment and Product Quality Management System”, and conform Establishment of Environmental Quality System, Establishment of the Management System with Preparation of Rules and Standards and Establishment of the Process Management System when starting the business with business partners.

At the same time, we collect information on chemical substances contained in products from the suppliers, including the content of “Procurement-Prohibited Substances” and “Procurement-Controlled Substances” as specified by the Company, and check the compliance status according to said guidelines. And as shown in the figure on the left, information on substances is registered and stored in our in-house database.

Briefing sessions are held on a continual basis, to promote understanding about our green procurement activities, and business partners are requested to cooperate with our efforts.