Environmental Consideration at the Stages of Product Design and Engineering

While environment-related laws and regulations have been enacted in countries around the world, and there is demand for more energy savings in electronic devices, a corresponding energy savings efficiency for semiconductor and storage products is also required. The Group is working on energy savings, and the control of chemical substances in products, through the design and development stages, and through the material procurement stages, creating products that are environmentally friendly.


Verification of chemical substance contents

Conditions of chemical substances included in raw materials and parts used in our products are verified and materials are selected to avoid restricted substances, while development of technologies, product design and development that have small environmental impact are promoted. Compliance with laws, ordinances and various regulations relevant to products is verified by conducting environmental assessments.


Miniaturization and weight reduction of products

Product packages are miniaturized and weight is reduced to decrease the amount of raw materials used to miniaturize various electrical devices in which our products are incorporated, as well as resource conservation.


Lower power consumption design

Low power consumption designs are realized by reducing power loss with lowered ON resistance of power semiconductors and power consumption is reduced while products are in use.
Furthermore, development of devices that far exceed performance limits of conventional silicon devices are being advanced with the use of compound semiconductors such as SiC (silicon carbide) and GaN (gallium nitride).


Reducing number of processes

Highly efficient mass production systems, which starts at the design and development stage, are being built. Power consumption is reduced by decreasing the number of processes for manufacturing.