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Message from the President

Hiroshi Fukuchi  President & CEO  Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation

We completed a company split that separated Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation from Toshiba Corporation on July 1, and now start afresh with a new management team and a determination to succeed.

Our first priority is to establish an agile, responsive management system closely suited to the demands of the electronic devices sector, supported by strong corporate governance. This will allow us to realize our core goal of continued growth, and to contribute to maximizing the value of Toshiba Group.

We have the distinct advantage of being the general devices company in the industry striving to offer outstanding semiconductors and HDD. That will allow us to explore new markets, and to expand our product line through borderless collaboration and a cross-sectoral approach.

Structural reforms we have already put in place are now contributing to our strategy. We recorded an improved performance in fiscal 2016, and have made a good start in this first half of fiscal 2017. To build on this and accelerate growth, we will resolutely focus on areas where we can expect continued expansion and high profitability, including industrial and automotive applications and storage. Here, our advanced technologies are a source of strength that will allow us to keep rolling out world-first and world-best products.

This is an exciting and fast-changing time for our business. Progress in IoT, the ever-intensifying need for energy efficiency and the explosion in information all offer immense opportunities. In responding flexibly, we will do all we can to maximize the value our products deliver to our customers, and also emphasize close collaboration with customers to promote co-creation of value and new markets.

Finally, I want Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation to be trusted and valued by its stakeholders, a company where all employees work with pride and pleasure. We will shape an open and transparent corporate culture, and by stressing activities grounded in CSR, full compliance and cash-flow management, promote sound and ethical business practices.

Hiroshi Fukuchi

President & CEO

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation

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