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Induction rice cookers were specifically developed to heat up an inner pot efficiently to cook rice perfectly. Induction-heating (IH) models are popular not only in Japan but also elsewhere in Asian. Compared to non-IH electric rice cookers, IH models provide higher thermal efficiency and lower power consumption. Induction heating makes it possible to cook perfect fluffy rice quickly at elevated temperatures. IGBTs are used for induction heating, and triac-output photocouplers to drive pot heaters. A microcontroller provides overall control, and transistors drive a cooling fan. High-end models have a side heater in addition to a bottom heater to provide high-power heating. Some models also have a top heating coil to prevent water drops from forming on the lid during warming mode; IGBTs are employed to switch this heating coil on and off.

MicrocomputerPhotocouplerPhotocouplerPhotocouplerMotor DriverIGBT

Recommended Products

Applications Semiconductor Recommended Device Features
Inverter Heating
Induction Heating
IGBTs GT50MR21 Low loss and low noise
General-purpose switches Small-signal transistors 2SA1162(PNP) / 2SC2712(NPN) SOT-346(S-Mini)2in1
2SA1586(PNP) / 2SC4116(NPN) SOT-323(USM)2in1
RN24xx(PNP) / RN14xx(NPN) SOT-346(S-Mini) ;bias resistor built-in transistors
RN23xx(PNP) / RN13xx(NPN) SOT-323(USM) ;bias resistor built-in transistors
Applications Semiconductor Recommended
General-Purpose Surge Absorption and
Circuit Protection
Zener Diodes CRYxx / CRZxx Series 0.7 W
CMZBxx Series 1.0 W
ESD Protection Diodes DF2SxxFS Series SOD-923/150 mW (1 in 1)
DF3AxxFU Series SOT-323/100 mW (2 in 1)
DF5AxxJE Series SOT-553/200 mW (4 in 1)
Switching Diodes 1SS352 SOD-323(USC)1in1
1SS181 / 1SS184 / 1SS226 SOT-346(S-Mini)2in1
1SS300 / 1SS301 / 1SS302 SOT-323(USM)2in1
Schottky Barrier Diodes CES520 / CES521 SOD-523(ESC)1in1
1SS392 / 1SS396 SOT-346(S-Mini)2in1
1SS393 SOT-323(USM)2in1
HN2S02FU SOT-363(US6)3in1
Applications Semiconductor Recommended Device Features
Triac Drivers for Body Heater Photocouplers TLP560J / TLP267J Phototriac coupler
IGBT/MOSFET Driver TLP155E: 0.6A Output
TLP5701: 0.6A Output
TLP5751: 1A Output, Rail-to-rail Output
Direct IGBT/MOSFET drive
Applications Semiconductor Recommended Device Features
Fan Motor Controllers/Drivers TB6633FNG / AFNG Brushless DC motor driver; sensorless
TB6585FG / AFTG Brushless DC motor driver; sine-wave current control
Various IC power supplies LDO TCR2EFxx Series SOT-25(SMV)/200-mA output
TCR3DFxx Series SOT-25(SMV)/300-mA output

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