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Mid-High Voltage MOSFETs:DPAK series

Power MOSFETs for LED Lighting Applications

This is a photo of power MOSFETs designed for LED lighting applications.

Toshiba has released the π-MOS series of power MOSFETs in a DPAK package with medium to high VDSS. DPAK is ideal for power supply of LED lighting applications. The latest π-MOSVII series also features fast switching thanks to its low-capacitance design, making it easy for manufacturers to improve equipment efficiency.
The π-MOSVII power MOSFETs in DPAK are available with five VDSS points (250/500/525/550/600 V) and with an RDS(ON) of 0.25 to 4.3 Ω maximum; you will find a device that best fits your needs and thus helps reduce the power loss in end equipment.


Additionally, Toshiba is developing a new generation of DTMOSIV series in DPAK. The combination of low RDS(ON) and fast switching will make it ideal for PFC applications. Mass production is scheduled to start in Q3, 2012.

MOSFET Compatible with TC62D902FG: TK5A65D Waveform Example


π-MOSVII Series in DPAK: V DSS = 250 V to 600 V

Product Name ID
(Ω) Max
Schedule Generation
250 TK8P25DA 7.5 0.5 Avail. Avail. MOSⅦ
TK13P25D 13 0.25 Avail. Avail. MOSⅦ
500 TK3P50D 3 3.0 Avail. Avail. MOSⅦ
TK4P50D 4 2.0 Avail. Avail. MOSⅦ
TK5P50D 5 1.5 Avail. Avail. MOSⅦ
TK7P50D 7 1.22 Avail. Avail. MOSⅦ
525 TK5P53D 5 1.5 Avail. Avail. MOSⅦ
TK6P53D 6 1.3 Avail. Avail. MOSⅦ
550 TK4P55DA 3.5 2.45 Avail. Avail. MOSⅦ
TK4P55D 4 1.88 Avail. Avail. MOSⅦ
600 TK2P60D 2 4.3 Avail. Avail. MOSⅦ
New Power Mold
TK4P60DA 3.5 2.2 Avail. Avail. MOSⅦ
TK4P60DB 3.7 2.0 Avail. Avail. MOSⅦ
TK4P60D 4 1.7 Avail. Avail. MOSⅦ

DTMOSIV Series (V DSS = 600 V)



0.9 Ω TK5P60W TK5A60W
0.75 Ω TK6P60W TK6A60W
0.6 Ω TK7P60W TK7A60W
0.5 Ω TK8P60W TK8A60W
0.38 Ω TK10P60W TK10A60W
0.3 Ω TK12P60W TK12A60W
0.19 Ω TK16A60W



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·Before creating and producing designs and using, customers must also refer to and comply with the latest versions of all relevant TOSHIBA information and the instructions for the application that Product will be used with or for.