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Automotive Drive System (Inverter)

Generally, HEVs, PHEVs and EVs use three-phase brushless motors for electric propulsion. Because the vehicle drive battery supplies a dc current, it needs to be converted to a three-phase ac current using an inverter. A three-phase inverter, which is composed of power devices, converts dc to ac during acceleration (powering) and converts ac to dc during braking (regeneration).


System Block Diagram

6-in-1 Evaluation Board for Gate Driver Control

6-in-1 Evaluation Board for Gate Driver Control

Reference Model for Inverter Control

Reference Model for Inverter Control


Block Type Package Part Number Polarity/Generation Feature
Pre-driver Opto-isolated IGBT gate driver SSOP48 TB9150FNG** BiCD process Built-in fly-back controller, Built-in isolation device (optical coupling), Topr: –40 to 125℃
Power Supply MOSFET DPAK+ TK25S06N1L U-MOS VIII-H Nch, 60 V/25 A, 18.5 mΩ, Tch = 175℃
SOP Advance TPCA8086 U-MOS IV Nch, 60 V/35 A, 11.2 mW, Tch = 175℃
Voltage Regulators HQFN52 TB9042FTG BiCD process Switching Reg., 5 V Reg., Watchdog timer, Topr: -40 to 125℃
MCU Motor control MCU HLQFP144 TMPR454F10TFG Arm® Cortex®-R4 with FPU (160 MHz) Vector Engine, RDC, PMD, ADC, CAN, Topr: -40 to 125℃
Isolation Photocouplers 5pin SO6 TLX9304 Open collector output,1 M LOGIC, Topr = 125℃ (max)
5pin SO6 TLX9378 Open collector output, 10 M LOGIC, Topr = 125℃ (max)
5pin SO6 TLX9376 Totempole output, 20 M LOGIC, Topr= 125℃ (max)


*Arm and Cortex are registered trademarks of Arm Limited (or its subsidiaries) in the US and/or elsewhere.



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